iPhone 5 Better Have These Features Or Go Home

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There are plenty of rumors going around about the iPhone 5, including a larger screen, slimmed down body and 4G data compatibility. But according to BusinessInsider, there are some things that it needs to have if it is going to make an impression.

iPhone 5 must-have features

Thanks to data plans getting complicated the iPhone 5 should have a way of telling users how much data they are using, without having to download a 3rd party app. Google has started to provide this since Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The iPhone needs to make it easier for typing. it has predictive keyboards at the moment but the Android multiple option should be ported to the iPhone 5. Currently the iPhone only gives you one guess at what you are typing and this is often wrong.

Siri features are great but they would be better if some of them were available to the user offline. Google has been able to do this with voice dictation and it would be great to be able to set reminders or alarms without having to connect to the servers of Apple.

Notifications should be better, the tweaks to Android are useful and it would be great to see this on the iPhone 5. Siri could even be integrated into notifications along with expansion of the email inbox. Some settings could also be integrated into notifications.

Maps should be available offline as it is with Google Maps which you can use without a connection. Users should be able to download maps to their phone.

It would be great if users were able to unzip files straight onto their phone without the need for a computer. While this may unrealistic for security it could be available from sources that were trusted, such as in emails.

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