Want An iPhone 5? Then Say Goodbye To All These Things

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The release of the new iPhone 5, when it comes about, will bring changes to the iconic phone. According to PC World, it will mark the falling out between Apple and Google as apps from Google previously found on the iPhone will disappear and replaced with Apple’s own.

Recent beta releases of iOS 6 have shown us just what these changes are. Rumor has it that the new iPhone 5 is set to be announced on 12th September and here are 4 things you won’t see anymore once this happens points out PCW.

4 things the iPhone 5 will lose (PC World)

No Google Maps app: Google Maps has been replaced with Apple’s own map app and the advantage here is that you no longer have to wait for blocks to load when you zoom. This means that the user experience is much smoother. The app brings turn by turn navigation by voice, but users will have to make do without the street view of Google maps.

No YouTube app: YouTube is another app that will be missing which has always been on the iPhone. However users will be able to watch videos through the web browser and apparently Google is said to be making their own app for iOS which will be in the App Store shortly.

Lesser pins: The iPhone 5 will have a new dock connector with 19 pins, which does away with the old 30 pin connector. This is thought to be due to making the iPhone thinner and it having support for 4G radio. Apple is thought to be designing an adapter which would make the new handset compatible with existing accessories.

No more microSIM: Another change will be the micro SIM card which leaves more space in the new iPhone 5, the nano SIM would be around 40% smaller than the micro SIM which is seen in the iPhone 4. It is thought that it will be compatible with the SIM card designs that currently exist.


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