iPhone 5: More Than Meets The Eye

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The iPhone 5 is a lot more complex than any other iPhone it seems. That’s geometrically speaking of course explains ComputerWorld.

iPhone 5: what you can’t see

This was revealed after taking apart the new iPhone 5 to see its inner workings. An analyst said that the device was complex and very interesting. iSuppli were the ones taking the iPhone 5 apart and its complexity was mainly due to LTE support.

The iPhone 5 apparently has the most complex design of any iPhone thanks to its multiple radio antennas. The person taking apart the phone said that it was similar to doing a 3D jigsaw puzzle, thanks to the fact that Apple has rearranged everything inside the iPhone 5.

Apple has also reduced the size of some of their components, one of which is the dock connector. This was to make way for the parts that were needed for LTE, along with an amplifier chip which is three times the size of the iPhone 4S chip. However it was the engineering feat that was the most impressive.

iSuppli also stood by its estimate of the bill of materials used in the iPhone 5, which is the total cost for Apple for the components in the device. the 16GB version of the iPhone 5 has a BOM of $199 and manufacturing costs took this to $207. Then there was the matter of other figures such as software and royalty fees, among others. At $207 this put the iPhone 5 5.6% cheaper to make than the iPhone 4S of last year.

Apple even with LTE parts and a larger display, have been able to keep the costs low thanks to the fact that the cost for memory has dropped by as much as 49%, since the iPhone 4S was launched.

Once again iSuppli pointed out that LTE was the biggest achievement on the iPhone 5for Apple. The frequency bands on the iPhone 5 for LTE make it the king, no company has made a phone supporting five bands and Apple are the future for LTE.

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