iPhone 5: Five Biggest Reasons To Get One

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If you pre-ordered the iPhone 5 you will not have been able to sleep last night, as if all goes well, you should get the device today. There is a great deal of excitement in the air as people wait and here are five things that make the iPhone 5 worth the wait.

iPhone 5: 5 reasons to get one

The bigger display is one of the main reasons thanks to the jump up from 3.5 inches to 4 inches. However some would have liked to have seen the device grow in size in all aspects. Apple on the other hand chose to just increase the length of the iPhone 5. The Retina display will have 326ppi with a ratio of 16:9. This makes the handset look very similar in shape to that of a remote control for the TV.

LTE is something that US users of the iPhone have been waiting for, more than those internationally. 4G LTE will provide users with fast network data speeds and Apple should have included it with their iPhone 4S, last year.

The choice of materials, in particular the glass, is a change for the better. Apple chose to put the internal workings of the device in-between hardened glass, which has proved useful. However the iPhone 5 will come with metal backing which is said to be sturdier.

The camera has received an upgrade and now the image sensor is more compact. It also comes with backside illumination and it comes with a hybrid IR filter. Often low light is a thing that affects cameras and the iPhone 5 has a low light mode, which should be an improvement.

Finally there is the lightning port which has replaced the 30 pin dock connector. However very few people have been happy about the change and the fact that Apple are asking $30 for an adapter, so that they can use their old accessories. On saying this Apple has moved with the times and it was time for a change to the old connector. We can’t wait to see how Apple makes use of this hardware in the future.

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