iPhone 5: 3 Common Features Apple Will Never Bring To iPhone

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Apple users are never satisfied and there are ongoing discussions regarding what the perfect iPhone should feature. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a writer for Forbes, has written about the top 7 features that consumers are hoping will be – but definitely won’t be – on the iPhone 5. Here are 3 worth highlighting:

iPhone 5 features you shouldn’t expect to come

Support for MicroSD cards: If you were able to add storage to your device, Apple would have no selling point for the models with larger storage. They are cashing in on the fact customers have to purchase a much pricier device in order to get more storage and that is all. So this will never happen.

Support for USBs: If only we were able to just use a normal USB connector to charge the phone, update the device, etc! However, if Apple put USB ports on their device, they would have to work a lot harder to support other hardware like printers, so they are highly unlikely to ever do this. Instead they rely on 3rd party manufacturers building products to support their ports and in turn become incompatible with rival phones.

Support for Adobe Flash Player: An ongoing bug-bear for iPhone users. Apple and Flash are nemeses and will never cooperate in this way.

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