iPhone 5: Not Just Thinnest, Now Fastest Phone In The World Too

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There is a rumor that the new iPhone 5 announced by Apple has been seen on the Geekbench website and results show that it is the fastest handset currently on the market points out Electronista.

iPhone 5 fastest phone in the world hints Geekbench

The device runs on the A6 processor at around 1Ghz and it beat the Nexus 7 of Asus and the Galaxy S3 from Samsung. Its score was said to be 1,601, which is the highest total seen among smartphones and is more than double that of the iPhone 4S and the iPad of 2012 which scored 794.

Of course, there is nothing to say that the report is true, but it does happen to match the specs of what little is known about the iPhone 5 and its processor. The handset was said to run iOS 6, have a processor of 1.07GHz and have 1GB of RAM, which of course the iPhone 5 does. If this score proves to be true it would mean a breakthrough for Apple and their engineering team as the dual core chip beats that of the quad core Exynos at 1.4GHz of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which comes with double the amount of RAM. It additionally outperforms the chip in the Nexus 7 tablet which is the 1.3GHz Tegra 3.

What does happen to be of interest is the fact that it is not far off the A5 chip of the iPhone 4S which 8000MHz. this means that the increase has to come by way of better executions in the clock cycle and makes better use of the faster RAM. The floating point processor performance, along with the memory performance have both scored higher than the bandwidth of the memory or the processor integer performance in the breakdown score of the Geekbench score.

However, it is thought that the iPhone 5 will not be the fastest on the market for long as each of the manufacturers continue the race to produce the fastest and the best processor for new devices. Rumour has it that Samsung will be launching their Galaxy S4 in March and this would be just 8 months after the launch of the S3.

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