iPhone 5 Fans Give Samsung A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

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Ever since the weekend, Samsung has started an advertising campaign which pits its Samsung Galaxy S3 against the iPhone 5. All its ads have one focus, to put down the new iPhone 5. Well it looks like Apple fans have had enough and took to Samsung’s Facebook page for revenge.

iPhone 5 fans take revenge on Samsung with Facebook

It appears that Apple fans invaded Samsung’s Facebook page in droves and according to Yahoo News it all started out so innocently:

On 6th September Samsung asked if you could only take one device to a deserted island, what would that device be. Of course Samsung thought that people would choose either the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Galaxy Note 2. Well the answer appeared to be iPhone 5 more than anything else. Along with the iPhone 5 there is the occasional appearance of the iPad and strangely, the Nokia 1100.

Some smart person asked if anyone have thought to check whether the island could get cell phone service. So it seems that for the moment Apple fans have squatted on the Facebook page of Samsung and they have no intention of moving on.

In the last 5,000 comments posted on the page, the iPhone 5 was mentioned a total of 3,637 times and Samsung Galaxy just 378, with the iPad coming in close to that at 324 times reports CNET. Ouch.

Comments on Samsung Facebook page

Comments on Samsung Facebook page

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