iPhone 5 May Be An ‘Emperor In New Clothes’ But Who Cares

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It’s that time of year – a September 12 special Apple event to launch the new iPhone 5. The iPhone is a huge player and anyone who cares about mobile tech has to sit up and watch, even Android fans. The impending iPhone 5 is already affecting Android phones, as usual, and like every year we will see the same song and dance between Apple and Android fans. Now if you’re new to this, the folks over at ComputerWorld have compiled 5 things you will see go down when both Apple and Android fans will officially see the iPhone 5. In particular, here are 3 which we think CW has predicted to the dot.

CW predicts reaction to iPhone 5 unveiling

1. Apple and its media minions will foam at the mouth while expounding the “game changing” nature of this mini slab. Lots of the iPhone 5 new features will doubtlessly have been on Android for ages, but that won’t stop ‘em. Emperor’s new clothes, anyone?

2.  So, the iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen? Well, check out my 5.5”, people. LTE, quad-core, NFC? Stop the (apple) press, people. To Android, this is old news. As for iOS 6 – its features will fail to impress Android fans. Sure, it’ll be great for Apple devotees, and it’ll no doubt be a fine improvement, but the fact that we’re talking about two different platforms won’t prevent comparisons.

3.    The iPhone WILL actually prove popular. Apple fans are very loyal, and wait slavishly for their yearly upgrade chance. This year promises a hardware upgrade too, which will really get them going. Apple could re-release the iPhone 4S in a new body and people would still go bonkers for it.

As ComputerWorld explains, iOS and Android attract different people for different reasons, which is just as a marketplace should be. But this see-sawing hype and hyperbole just leads to some silly statements. Take them with a pinch of salt and see them for the marketing fluff that they are.

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