September 12th Event: Don’t Expect An iPhone 5 Launch… Likely To Follow iPad Naming Convention

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There have been a lot of rumors going around about the iPhone 5 that Apple are thought to be releasing sometime this month. The latest leaked photos have caused quite a stir as they are said to be photos of the packaging of the next generation iPhone.

Next Apple phone may not go by the name of iPhone 5, follow iPad instead

CNET reports that a Dutch blog posted the picture of what is said to be the box of the iPhone 5 coming off the printing press. It shows a photo of the handset which looks like the leaked photos we have seen so far and the wording on the box is not iPhone 5, but “the New iPhone”

This could suggest that Apple have done what they did with the iPad when that was launched and dropped the “3” and called it the “New iPad”.

So what do you think? Are the leaked images of the box for the new iPhone the real deal and will we see a ‘New iPhone’ instead of an ‘iPhone 5’ at the Apple event next week? I’m sure many folks would be happy with this change given that there have been arguments regarding its name as many believe it should be called iPhone 6 given it is in fact the 6th generation iPhone.

iPhone packaging

iPhone packaging

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