iPhone Sneaks Into eBay With $10k Price Tag, The Real Deal

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Are you waiting for the iPhone 5 to break cover on stage next month with Tim Cook at the helm? Well if you’ve been saving your money for it then look away now as what just showed up on eBay may tempt you to open your wallet early.

Forget iPhone 5, the first iPhone in mint condition hits eBay

According to Huffington Post, there are two mint condition and factory sealed 1st generation original iPhones on eBay with the asking price of $10,000. The handsets are from the first line of iPhones that Apple and the late Steve Jobs unleashed on us and they appear to be the real deal.

At ten grand each they are a steal as they only have a mark-up of 1,669%. They were originally $599 in 2007 when launched. One of the handsets is on auction starting at $2,000 with a buy it now option, while the other is buy it now only for $10,000.

Both of the sellers seem to be legitimate as they have good ratings, but why would they expect someone to pay out $10,000 for a phone that is 5 years old? Simply put it is a collector’s item. Despite everyone dying to get their hands on an iPhone 5, things will quickly change when the iPhone 6 is announced, and the cycle continues. However in the case of the first iPhone which rolled out in the first line of production, it will always remain a piece of history.

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