Shortcut: iPhone 5 Hits eBay, Scooped Up By Many

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Despite the fact that the iPhone 5 is not even in the shops yet, the device is on eBay at ridiculous prices.

iPhone 5 hits eBay prematurely

The latest iPhone 5 has started to show up on eBay with some asking for huge amounts of cash. One 64GB model is currently on eBay at the price of $9,901. The phone has already had more than 30 solid bids on it. What is strange is that you can get the same device from Apple with a two year contract for just $399.

There was a white 16GB model and this sold for $900, which is of course $250 more than you would pay for the retail price and $700 more than if you were to take it out over contract for two years.

Another person has advertised the 64GB iPhone 5 for $1,375 and another user has gotten 28 bids for two 16GB versions which are at the moment going for $1,350.

Some people have also listed the handset as buy it now. One person wants $2,500 for two 16GB iPhone 5 units and another has put a price of $3,200 for two 64GB handsets. One good thing about this is that they have offered to ship for free to the buyer.

It is thought that most buyers that purchase an iPhone 5 from eBay will do so outside of the US as they would have to wait for the device longer if they were to acquire it by normal means. Meanwhile if you are in the US, Apple have been taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5, which should start selling on Friday in retail stores.

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