iPhone 5 Dock For The ‘Forever Alone’ User

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Are you one of those who prefers eating alone or only prefers the company of your iPhone during meal times? If you are then the latest creation in iPhone 5 docks, the MisoSoupDesign may be of interest to you and other Forever Alone types out there. 

Anti-loneliness iPhone 5 Dock

Labelled as an “anti -loneliness ramen bowl”, the creation lets iPhone 5 users use their smartphone while eating without the need to hold it and being uncomfortable. As convenient as it sounds, we would still advice users to have a screen protector on to avoid things from being messy.

Some questions we have in mind related to the product though, will the vapors from the hot steaming food affect your view or the phone circuits in any manner? We are also wondering what new apps will be released to suit this dock?

The price and released date of the product is still unclear. However interested users can have a look at more photos of the MisoSoupDesign and get further details on the iPhone 5 dock at their official site.

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