iPhone 5 Screen Maybe Larger But Another Part Keeps Shrinking

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There have been more rumors today about the iPhone 5 and the change to the dock connector. This time CultOfMac posted a major parts scoop with a leaked image that seems to show the new iPhone 5 dock connector.

iPhone 5 dock connector has only 8 pins?

The leaked image shows a dock connector with 8 pins. There have been rumors going around that Apple would be changing their dock connector and some have suggested that it may be 19 pins. However on the leaked photo it clearly shows just 8 pins.

If this is true then it would mean that all accessories in the homes of iPhone users now would be rendered obsolete. An interesting point about the dock connector is that is looks a lot more similar to the traditional USB pins than those used by Apple in their 30 pin dock connector.

What do you think? Is this the new dock connector for the iPhone 5 or just another clever photoshop job?

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