iPhone 5 Design: Apple Shoots Itself In The Foot, Twice

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The iPhone 5 might have been released but it appears that not everyone who wants the handset has been able to get their hands on one, due to shortages. If you are waiting for an iPhone 5 the delay could be due to the anodised aluminum which Apple chose to use reports CNET.

iPhone 5 aluminum body scuff easy and now blamed for current shortage

Bloomberg have said that the quality control at Foxconn is very tight. This is to ensure that the handsets are not shipped out with scratches and scuffs. Some iPhone 5 owners complained that their devices were marked when they took them out of the box. Phil Schiller said that this was normal. Workers that have been interviewed have said that all steps in the production of the device process offers a chance for the device to get scratched and scuffed. This has led to it being very difficult to make sure that handsets meet the high standards of Apple.

The quality control was the cause of a dispute at the factory earlier in the week, when workers went on strike. So it looks like Apple’s choice of aluminum for the iPhone 5 is causing problems after problems.

The iPhone 5 has been very popular even with problems which range from scratches and scuffs, to Apple maps that have bugs and a purple haze on photos. More than 5 million units were sold over the first weekend of the device being on sale. However due to supply issues this was less than what had been expected. However despite this the iPhone 5 sold 1 million more units than the iPhone 4S did at launch.

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