iPhone 5 Flaws Range From Fixable To “Just Live With It”

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Since the iPhone 5 was revealed on the Friday of last week, it sold more than 5 million units over the weekend. The majority of these people will have loved the larger display, the fact that the device is light and thinner than the previous models and the fact that it has a faster processor. However there are many who have reported faults with the iPhone 5. These have been anything from problems that can be fixed, to those that you have to just live with.

iPhone 5 complaints growing

One of the biggest complaints with the iPhone 5 and its iOS 6 build so far has been about the Apple maps app. Apple replaced Google maps with this and people have reported chunks of the world missing from the app and things showing up in the wrong location. Apple said that all of these issues will be fixed.

Next on the list was the fact that while the iPhone 5 may look stunning with its aluminum back, but the shine is soon taken off it. In some cases scratches and scuffs have appeared within hours and in some instances phones have arrived with marks. A video was posted online of a mother and daughter who were hitting the back of the device with keys and comparing the iPhone 5 damage to the iPhone 4S, which was given the same treatment. The iPhone 5 scratched up way too easily and it showed the damage very clearly. The iPhone 4S on the other hand handled it well enough.

Phil Schiller however has played this down, saying that any product made with aluminum will scratch and show off the natural silver colour.

The change in dock connector has been another issue as it means that older accessories cannot be used with the new iPhone 5. Well they can but you have to pay out $29 for an adapter to do so. Surprise!

Some have even complained about the iPhone 5 being far to light, to the point that it feels like you are holding a toy. This however is suppose to be a selling points of Apple’s.

There have been bubbles showing up on the display of the iPhone 5, said some users. Macrumours forums were filled with people saying that the screen of their handset had started to flicker, only hours after them first getting it.

Light leakages have been reported in forums with light coming from a gap close to the power button and the antenna. This is typically seen when the white iPhone 5 is used in low light areas. Apple has been offering replacement handsets.

So it appears that despite the iPhone 5 being a success in pre-order sales, it is not without its faults. The majority of problems may be fixed in time but there are others you just will have to accept.

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