iPhone 5 Users Seeing Higher Data Charges Due To Bug

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Owners of the iPhone who have upgraded their handset to iOS 6 or bought the iPhone 5 have been complaining about the bills for the mobile shooting sky high because of data usage. TheGuardian reports that this is thought to be down to a bug in how iOS 6 makes the switch between W-Fi and 3G.

iPhone 5 & devices upgraded to iOS 6 seeing higher data charges

Owners found that they were using a lot more GBs of data within just a few days, when before they used just a small amount on iOS 5. The majority of plans in the UK come with just 500MB of data per month and this has seen users going way over their allocation.It is thought that the problem may lie with iTunes Match service. This service allows users to download a copy of their music from the net to their handset through 3G or Wi-Fi, along with cloud services, iCloud documents and data.

One user of the iPhone 5 said that he had used 2.7GB in a month compared to the 500MB that he would normally use. He has set iTunes match to only download on a Wi-Fi connection. some users have said that despite setting their device to download from Wi-Fi only, when they start off on Wi-Fi and move out of the Wi-Fi zone, the downloads continue on the data connection. This was proven by one user on his iPhone 4 which he had updated to iOS 6 and had his cellular data switched off. With downloads continuing this meant seeing data rocket from the 140MB he normally used each month to 300MB over a shorter period.

One user called Apple about the issue and was told “that’s how it is”. This user had more than a thousand songs in queue for download.

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