$30 iPhone 5 Conversion Kit For 4S/4 Released [PICS]

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We have all seen mock up pictures of the rumored iPhone 5, but one person went one step further and purchased a mod that transformed their iPhone 4 into the iPhone 5 you’ve seen in the renderings.

iPhone 5 conversion kit released for iPhone 4S & 4

One of the things that distinguish the iPhone 4 & 4S from the rumored iPhone 5 is the design and looks. The new iPhone 5 is thought to have a two tone metal and glass rear panel. This is very eye catching and very different from any previous version of the iPhone. Therefore to change the iPhone 4S into the iPhone 5 a two tone anodized black aluminum back plate has been used on the iPhone 4.

The back panel is available in white and black and for sale at for around $30, if you can’t wait for the real iPhone 5 to come out that is.

iPhone 5 conversion kit

iPhone 5 conversion kit

Of course, there is definitely more to the iPhone 5 than looks. However for many iPhone users who have an iPhone 4 or 4S, they may not be able or ready to make the upgrade until the iPhone 6 so this would be a nice little short-stop in between.

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