iPhone 5: Apple’s Build Quality Goes Down The Drain

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The iPhone 5 was launched on Friday and while there have been plenty of individuals happy with their new device, there have been a growing number that have had problems.

iPhone 5 build quality questioned as both black & white models run into issues

One of the problems seems to be surrounding the build of the device, as there are some owners of the new iPhone 5 reporting light leakage with the white version of the handset.

Now it was just earlier this week we found out that there has been a widespread problem which affects the black version of the iPhone 5. This problem is commonly being called “Scuffgate” between iPhone fans. People have been heading to forums saying that their iPhone 5 was damaged when they received it. Some said that marks and scratches were on the device underneath the protective film. This means that there has been some carelessness when handling at the factory they were built. Apple has already commented on this and said that it was “normal” for aluminum to scuff. The folks over at PhoneReviews add that a support rep had told them that this was becoming an issue that was widespread.

Now back to the leaking light issue, this is reportedly from the glass on the display and the aluminum antenna, around the power button. One owner of the iPhone 5 at BGR took a close look at their own device and found a chamfer that was loose near the power button, where light was leaking. This model was the white and silver 64GB iPhone 5 version; however it cannot be seen unless it is in low light.

White iPhone 5 light leakage

White iPhone 5 light leakage

The iPhone 5 is not cheap and while light leakage is not something major, it still shouldn’t happen on a device of this caliber. Plus some people have been sent replacement units after complaining of the scuffs, only to find that the replacement has been affected too.

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