iPhone 5 Complaints: Here’s A New One To Add To The List!

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Since the release of the iPhone 5 there has been nothing but one complaint after another. The device has been around for about a month and the problems with it have range from software to hardware issues. Today we are hearing about a new issue with the iPhone 5 and this time it is to do with the retina display.

iPhone 5 complaints: add this to the long list

Current problems with the iPhone 5 have included light leaks, scratches and scuffs on the back and sides and a purple haze on photos taken with the camera. Apple said that this was due to people not holding the phone right when taking photos and that easy scuffing was “normal”.

Now PhonesReview reports that the iPhone 5 may be plagued with another issue, and this a more serious one. Some owners have said that they are seeing a green glow on the edge of their display. The light bleed seems to appear on the unlock screen of the device, when the unit is switched back on following a long period of being asleep. One user said that when they wake their iPhone 5 up there is a green glow around the display for a certain amount of time. This is similar to light leaking and it can appear when the slide unlock button is activated and this seems to make the glow brighter.

Different forums have started to receive the same complaint; however no one has managed to capture it on screen. This suggests that hardware could be at the bottom of this problem, rather than it being related to software. Some users have said that they have exchanged their iPhone 5 at their Apple store; however others it seems have been turned away after they couldn’t show the rep the problem.

The iPhone 5 comes with lots of technology crammed under that screen with a mind-boggling number of pixels. This means that a problem could have arisen that wasn’t picked up when Apple were testing the handset. The problem has users worried about the screen over the long term. This latest problem with the iPhone 5 comes just days after Apple said that there would be tighter quality control at the Foxconn factory, which led to workers going on strike.

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