Can iPhone 5 Match The 6 Shades Of Samsung Galaxy S3?

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Here is an interesting question that has been popping up quite frequently on tech sites lately – Do you think Apple needs to introduce more colors with the release of their new iPhone 5?

Should iPhone 5 follow Samsung Galaxy S3 & introduce more color options?

The handset is all everyone in the tech world is talking about thanks to it being just a couple of days away from release on the 12th September. Some of the latest leaks have included information about the camera of the iPhone 5, along with a prototype of the handset and there has been talk of the device outselling the Samsung Galaxy S3 before the holidays. In fact, expectations for the new iPhone 5 are very high and this could leave a lot of individuals disappointed if it doesn’t live up to them. If the iPhone 5 is to do as well as some people, along with Apple, believe then it has to be something really special.

We waited for the release of the new iPhone 5 last year and all we got after many months of speculation was the iPhone 4S which was a doppleganger of its predecessor. If the same happens this year Apple stand to lose a lot of fans. Would a choice of different colors, like those of the Samsung a Galaxy S3 , make the iPhone more desirable? The Samsung Galaxy S3 of course launched with 2 colors (pebble blue and marble white) but have 4 more colors on the way (red, black, brown and grey).

We’ve already seen the leaked pictures of the iPhone 5 show off a two-ton rear design. What about colouring in two tones then, for instance silver and black, black and gold or white and blue? The iPhone 5 will sell big among die-hard fans of Apple, of that there is little doubt. But will Apple have done enough to entice users of Android away from their range of quickly evolving smartphones?

Would you prefer a choice of colours for the iPhone or should Apple stick with the traditional black and white handsets?

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