First Photos: iPhone 5 In 8 New Colors Including Bumblebee Yellow

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The iPhone 5 is currently only available in black or white and with it are complaints that its scuffs more easily than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 in 8 new colors? Coming soon courtesy of Rotten Apples

However what if you could get your iPhone 5 in a host of colors with a more durable finish? Just like how the Nokia Lumia 920 is available in a bold set of colors, one company is going to offer the same for the iPhone 5 starting next month. In addition to introducing more colors, they hope to have the finish more resistant to scuffing.

The UK based company, RottenApples, will be offering the iPhone 5 in 8 new colors which include a Bumblebee yellow (my favorite), pink, purple, red, lime green, grey and two different tones of blue.

The price hasn’t been announced yet but it will be in the ballpark of £100 which is a complete service fee so it includes installation, delivery, warranty etc. It is important to note that these are new parts so they won’t just spray your current iPhone 5. This is good news in case you’ve already scuffed yours. Check out the first pictures of what RA will be offering next month. They also promise more color options will be coming.

We hope to get a glimpse of the finished product and see how it stands up against the finishing from Apple’s factory floors.

Custom iPhone 5 body

Custom iPhone 5 body

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