Apple Better Make Sure iPhone 5 Looks Nothing Like In The Leaks

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When the GooPhone slipped onto the scene no one knew much about it, other than it looked like the rumored iPhone 5. This blatant copy of the leaked photos of the new iPhone 5 from Apple is currently on sale in China after the crafty company managed to design the phone based around rumours and leaks of what the actual iPhone 5 would look like.

Company behind iPhone 5 clone already patented design

Copies of phones have come out in the past, many of them being Apple devices, but this happens to be the first time that a copied device has come onto the market before the actual release of the real thing. Of course the handset only looks like the rumored iPhone 5 on the outside; the inner workings are nowhere near that of what the new iPhone 5 will have.

The GooPhone comes with Jelly Bean with I5 on top and this is not something you would see on any iPhone. What is most surprising about the device is that the makers of it are saying that they have the patent for the design of the device and they could use it to stop Apple from selling their new iPhone 5 when it is released.

How they could expect to get away with this is unclear as the device is a blatant copy of the leaked rumored iPhone 5 design.

RedmondPie reports that the iPhone 5 is rumored to be launching this month and one has to wonder if the guys over at Apple are worried about being taken to court if they release an iPhone 5 with the same design.

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