iPhone Nano & Mega Both To Feature Small Price Tags [REPORT]

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The latest Apple iPhone 5 has seen criticism; however it has been popular with consumers. However for many the Apple iPhone is out of reach due to the price tag, although there has been talk of Apple releasing a device with a cheaper price tag. There are now rumours going around that there will be an Apple iPhone Nano, along with a cheaper larger version.

Cheaper iPhone coming in both a mini and mega

Rumours of the Apple iPhone Nano have been circulating for some time now and many who have been watching Apple believe that Apple will explore this route when expanding their line-up. The Wall Street Journal is now saying that Apple is at work on their lower budget Apple iPhone.

A source has said that Apple is working on their project after watching their hold on the smartphone market crumble, thanks to pressure from Samsun. While Apple have been contemplating moving into budget devices, they are now pushing ahead with these plans and we could see the device launched later this year.

It is said that the cheaper Apple iPhone would be similar to that of the standard Apple iPhone, however the body of it would be in polycarbonate plastic, which is very similar to what Samsung have used in their Galaxy range of devices. It is thought that Apple may use components from older handsets in the iPhone range to keep the costs down.

There has been rumours before of this happening, however Apple do have at present a cheaper line-up of devices than ever before with the Apple iPhone 4S beginning at $99. The Apple iPhone 4 is now being offered free with some carriers. However if you take away the offers from carriers, the phone is expensive.

If Apple were to release an iPhone that was cheaper then it could be very successful with those who want to enjoy the stigma of owing an Apple iPhone, but who cannot afford one at the moment. DigiTimes have said that a cheaper Apple iPhone could be released but that it would have a screen that is larger.

The Apple iPhone 5 was the first device from Apple to be offered with a display of 4 inches, however it has been said that the cheaper Apple iPhone may have a display of 5 inches, along with a new design to the exterior.

Apple has enjoyed success with the recently released Apple iPad Mini and it is thought that they will build upon this success by bringing out a low cost Apple iPhone. If Apple chose to launch the device with one of the Snapdragon processors, it could help launch the affordable Apple iPhone.

Samsung, who is their number one rival, has many devices on the market with different prices, outside of their flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and so it would make sense for Apple to reveal a cheaper Apple iPhone.

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