AT&T iPhone 5 Cases Already Hit Stores, But Where’s The Filler? [PICS]

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Sources from AT&T have posted some images of what is said to be cases for the new iPhone 5 from Apple reports BGR. The images show the iPhone 5 sat in the cases which are from two different manufacturers.

AT&T iPhone 5 cases pictured in stores

There is also a render which shows off the new iPhone 5 screen protector. If you don’t know whether to believe that they are the real deal or not, cast your mind back to last year, around this time. Didn’t we see some images posted of cases that were said to be for the iPhone 4S and didn’t they prove to be the real thing?

iMore have reported that the rumors surrounding the new iPhone 5 will turn out to be true and they do have a track record that is solid when it comes to providing us with information about Apple products that have not yet been released.

As for the iPhone 5 cases leaked, expect many more choices when the device hits as we have seen numerous 3rd party case manufacturer toying with iPhone 5 molds.

iPhone 5 case

iPhone 5 case

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