iPhone 5: Why You’ll Probably Want To Invest In A Case

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While Apple didn’t mention anything about bumpers or cases for the new iPhone 5 and Apple have bragged about the Gorilla Glass 2 and new back with aluminum, you may just want to invest in one after all.

iPhone 5 may need a case, especially if its black

CultOfMac reports that a photo of a display iPhone 5 has been posted online by a store owner and it shows that the back of the iPhone 5 scratches as easily as ever before, if you were to attack the handset hard enough with another object.

In the case of the iPhone 5 in the photo, it appears to be the liquid metal SIM card tray pin. Of course this does happen to be made from one of the hardest metals on the planet. The edge of the new iPhone 5 however can be scratched with a key as well.

So unless you put a case on your new iPhone 5 to give it protection, you had better be very careful about what you put in your pocket along with the new iPhone 5, especially if it is black in color.

iPhone 5 scratched up

iPhone 5 scratched up

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