iPhone 5 Scratches & Purple Camera Flare Fixed By Case Maker

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A case maker for the iPhone 5 may be onto something big as they have designed a case called the CamHoodie that is said to greatly reduce the purple haze lens flare problem on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 purple lens flare issue corrected by CamHoodie case

Fotodiox are based in Illinois and the $24.95 case may be just the thing for owners of the new iPhone 5 who are suffering with a purple glare when taking photos too close to a light source. A piece of rubber acts as a hood over the lens and this stops any light strays from coming in. The hood comes with a case that stops another problem with the new iPhone 5, scuffs and scratches to the sides and the back of the device.

The camera issue reported by some users showed a purple colour at the edges of photos when there is a light source close to it. This issue was noticed not long after the iPhone 5 was launched. Apple said that most small cameras have this effect and their answer to the problem was to block light off with the hand.

Fotodiox took two photos, one without the case and the other with it on the handset. The one without showed a clear purple discolouration, while the photo with the hoodie cover was clearer and brighter and had no purple tint. So for just under $25 it seems that the company has fixed the issue with purple haze and the problem with the aluminium scuffing easily on the back and sides of the iPhone 5.

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