iPhone 5: Damned If You “Case” It, Damned If You Don’t

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It seems that the iPhone 5 does seem to need a case given that it scuffs easily, but what happens if the case that you put your device in to protect it actually caused damage to the handset? well apparently this could happen.

iPhone 5: to case or not to?

Gizmodo reports that one person recently put a Slider Incase onto their iPhone 5, only to gasp in horror when it was removed as there was a streaking scratch on the side of the device. here is what that person said:

Last week I decided to take it off to clean off some dirt from around the edges and noticed a scratch on the side of the phone. Couldn’t believe my eyes since I knew there was no damage before I put on the case and couldn’t figure out where it came from. Closely inspecting the case from the inside, I noticed that one inside part had a piece of plastic sticking out. It corresponds with the scratch on my phone. Seems like it was a defect in the case which actually ended up scratching the phone

Of course the case will cover up the damage; however if it wasn’t going to protect then the case could be put onto the handset months later instead. At least this way you can enjoy the beauty of the iPhone 5 for a while. So it seems that cases don’t always offer the protection you thought they do, especially when it comes to the iPhone 5.

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