How Does The iPhone 5 Camera Hold Up?

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When Apple released the iPhone 5 they said that the camera has had many improvements made to it over the camera on the 4S. This is some feat if it is true as the iPhone 4S has a great camera.

iPhone 5 camera vs 4S

In order to prove this statement Apple posted some photos that they say they took with the camera of the iPhone 5 and they look stunning. Of course at the moment no one has an iPhone 5 in their hands and it is almost impossible to show a comparison of the same images to show the difference between the two. At least so you would think.

A digital photography website had the answer as they had a photo taken on a iPhone 4S of the same place that Apple went to when they tested the camera on the iPhone 5 – in Big Sur, California. This meant that a direct comparison could be made.

It shows that the EXIF data on the photo confirms the use of a new and larger image sensor on the camera of the iPhone 5. The pixels on both photos are identical at 3264 x 2448, however the new iPhone 5 has a lens of 4.1mm in comparison to the 4.3mm of the iPhone 4S. This means, according to DPReview, that the lens on the iPhone 5 is larger.

iPhone 5 camera vs 4S

iPhone 5 camera vs 4S

Another change is that the ISO range is larger with the iPhone 5 and the device chose ISO 50 automatically. The iPhone 4S meanwhile has a minimum of ISO 64.

The image taken with the iPhone 5 also looks to confirm the statement Apple said about the new iPhone having more color saturation. However for the moment we are unsure whether this leads to detriment of the fine detail in the photos or not.

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