iPhone 5 Tip: Don’t Take Vertical Panoramic Pics Of Your Girlfriend

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Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It has become public knowledge that you can take some pretty awesome panoramic pictures with the iPhone 5. However what isn’t widely known is that the same can be done vertically as well.

iPhone 5 vertical panoramic experience

So when would something like this come in handy? If you wish to take a wide shot which is also tall, for example a group of people gathering around a tall building, you could turn your iPhone 5 vertically and go into panoramic mode. However this shouldn’t be used for all tall pictures as one Reddit user found out.

Reddit user earwigy1990 decided to take a picture of his girlfriend such a way. Why? We are are not sure but if we had to guess it could be him just testing the mode out. While it did seem to mess up the picture slightly, it had some other side effects as well.

There seem to be some problems in the ankle region that made his girlfriend not look as flattering as he or she would have hoped. To see what we mean, check out tearwigy1990 iPhone 5 experiment below. You will be happy to know that his girlfriend doesn’t seem to be upset as she posted so in one of the comments following the post!

iPhone 5 vertical panorama shot by Reddit user

iPhone 5 vertical panorama shot by Reddit user


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