iPhone 5 Camera: Users Report Seeing Things That’s Aren’t There

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One of the latest problems to hit the iPhone 5 is a purple flare that is seen on the screen of the camera whenever there is a bright light source on the screen.

iPhone 5 camera shows unknown purple halo at certain times

This purple halo has been reported as the latest glitch by some owners of the iPhone 5 and was posted on the forums of AnandTech earlier this week. The flaw is said to occur on photos if you point the camera on the device towards a bright light, such as the sun. When you move the camera away and the light source is then off-screen, you will see a purple halo when looking through the camera. The effect will then appear on any photos that you take with the iPhone 5. One forum poster also posted a video which also showed the purple flare.

It seems that this only happens on some iPhone 5 units, but one user who contacted support at Apple was told that the problem was widespread. Another said that they were told that support had been getting many calls about the issue.

It is thought that the issue may be caused by the sapphire crystal cover over the lens that is on the iPhone 5. As sapphire is a hard material it is perfect for protecting the camera lens. However CultofMax said that sapphire is available in many colours and the purple halo could be the light that is refracting through the lens.

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