Even Instagram Fans Don’t Appreciate iPhone 5 Camera

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There are some iPhone 5 owners that have been left in a purple haze when they use the camera on their new handset. However Apple say that’s just how the camera is designed and it’s nothing to worry about.

iPhone 5 camera complaints growing

Since the device was launched a little over a week ago, millions of iPhone 5 users have said that there is a purple haze on their photos. This problem was reported earlier in the week and by Wednesday more than 180 people had made comments. One user said that they had taken more than 20,000 photos on their Samsung Galaxy S3 and never had the problem. However they were having it on the iPhone 5.

On first calling Apple Support, one owner of the iPhone 5 was told that this should not be happening. However Apple engineers changed their mind and said that the purple flare that people are noticing is normal.

Mashable made a comparison taking photos with a Nikon D300, an iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5. This revealed that photos taken on the iPhone 5 showed a purple glow around the light source. Neither of the other two phones took images showing the purple glow.

Some have said that the problem is down to the sapphire cover on the iPhone 5, which was added to the camera. The iSight camera has a lens cover that is made of sapphire crystal and this happens to be thinner and is said to be durable and should provide crystal clear images. At least that’s what Apple say in their promotional material. The iPhone 5 has been the biggest launch of Apple’s to date and more than 2 million units were sold within the first 24 hours of the phone being available and over 5 million handsets sold during the first week on the market.

However there have been complaints of the purple haze and these complaints are growing. Of course, Instagram users will be all too familiar with such pictures as this is equivalent to the retro effect older cameras used to experience. While it is “cool looking”, in the past photographers tried their best to avoid the purple flare in their shots. Nevertheless it is an annoying problem that needs to be dealt with by Apple given that the camera is one of the best features of an iPhone.

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