iPhone 5 vs 4S Camera: Test Photos Show Difference, If Any

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There won’t be any official comparisons of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 cameras until we have our mitts on them, but we have pretty much the next best thing. DPreview’s Scott Everett took almost the same pic of Big Sur that’s featured in the Apple iPhone 5 gallery with his iPhone 4S. This is the first like-for-like comparison of the two reports GDPreview.

iPhone 5 camera test picture looks very similar to 4S

The source has found that the iPhone 5 has a different sensor to that in the iPhone 4S, even though on paper the two cameras are listed as very similar. After looking at the EXIF data, DPreview saw that the iPhone 5 could drop to ISO 50, so concluded that: “for images taken in such bright light, this strongly suggests the newer model has a lower minimum sensitivity.” DPreview also reckons, after scrutinizing the EXIF data, that the iPhone 5 has a larger sensor that the 4S.

Looking at the two photos, there seems to be a bit more detail in the iPhone 5 photo, but of course this could be down to time of day, level of air pollution and so on. It does look better, but the jump from 4S to 5 isn’t as great as you may have hoped – it’s certainly not the same as the leap from 3GS to 4. This is far from a real comparison, and we need a night-time image to see if the iPhone 5 can handle low light better, but it gives us a ball-park idea of the capabilities.

iPhone 5 vs 4S camera

iPhone 5 vs 4S camera

Given that the iPhone 4S already has one of the best cameras found a smartphone to date, this shouldn’t deter any iPhone 5 buyers from the device of course.

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