iPhone 5: You’re Finally Holding It Right

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You may or may not have noticed one thing that was missing at the Apple event and that is the fact that Apple iPhone 5 bumper covers were not shown. However it looks as though the new iPhone 5 may not need a bumper.

Apple as everyone knows gave bumper covers away to owners of the iPhone 4 following the embarrassing antenna thingy which caused loss of signal if you were not holding the handset “wrong”.

So why didn’t Apple mention bumpers during the launch of the iPhone 5 and why can’t it be found in the Apple Store site? It seems that the iPhone 5 has been designed so that the device doesn’t need them and this is basically down to two factors points out PhoneReviews.

The antenna on the new iPhone 5 is now found on the back of the device and there are two, one at the top and one at the bottom of the handset. Therefore this means that it is impossible for owners to cover both the top and the bottom antenna at the same time.

The other area where bumper bars came into play was when it came to protecting the handset. Apple however have changed the design and used a wider metal banding around the edge of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4 and 4S had plastic on the edges points out PR, which were exposed and were prone to break the glass if the phone was dropped.

Apple also uses Gorilla Glass 2 on their screen and on the phone which means it is less likely to break and the body of the iPhone 5 on the back is made of aluminum unibody. This means that owners really only have to worry about the front of their handset.

Of course it won’t be long before we see drop tests online and we can cringe as someone flings an iPhone 5 down onto the concrete ground. Apple however seem to be confident that the iPhone d5 oesn’t need bumpers.

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