Famous iPhone “It Just Works” Statement Tested By President Obama

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US President Barack Obama is known to own a Blackberry. However he was recently snapped on a campaign trail holding an iPhone in his hand and clearly didn’t know how to use the device reports CrackBerry.

President Obama fumbles trying to make a phone call with iPhone

President Obama was trying to make a call from the unfamiliar handset to some workers to say a quick thank you. However it took longer than expected when the president could not work out how to launch the dialpad. There was plenty of confusion and then the president did get the hang of it after saying that he could do it and that he always used his Blackberry.

Apple fans have also bragged about how the iPhone “just works” and its simple interface has made it the preferred choice over rival platforms like Android. However this just goes to show that everything takes some getting used to. Sure, Android does offer heaps more customizability than the iPhone and hence may seem to have a steeper learning curve, but at the same time the iPhone is not as simple as a BlackBerry either.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be unveiled tomorrow at a special Apple event. If rumors serve true, it will be taller, faster, thinner and feature an aluminum unibody design.

President Obama with iPhone

President Obama with iPhone

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