Want A Black Friday Deal On The Apple iPhone 5? Don’t Hold Your Breath

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If you want to get your hands on the iPhone 5 with savings on Black Friday then you could be waiting in vain. Black Friday is just days away and this signifies the start of the holiday shopping season. However there isn’t one retailer offering the iPhone 5 with savings despite all its rivals getting in on the act.

iPhone 5 doesn’t celebrate Black Friday

Typically wireless carriers and retailers offer bargains on electronics on Black Friday, which comes the day after Thanksgiving. This is their way of getting shoppers to buy by attracting them with savings. We have seen many deals which are coming up on Black Friday, with T-Mobile even offering free handsets on the weekend before. and Walmart are both offering some amazing savings too.

Apple on the other hand generally waits until the very last minute and then offer just a few deals. Last year they offered $101 off the cost of MacBooks, $21 off the cost of the iPod Touch and up to $61 off the price of the iPad and just $11 off their iPod Nano. They didn’t offer any deals on the month old iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 is a brand new device of course, not like the iPhone 4S which was an inline update from the iPhone 4. It will be two months old when sales day comes around and Apple is still having problems meeting the demand for the handset. At the moment they have said shipping is around 2 to 3 weeks for their iPhone 5, in all storage sizes.

Another reason why the iPhone 5 is not typically offered in sales is due to the fact that it is already subsidised. The full cost of the iPhone is generally around $649 and up to $849 depending on the GB. This is for an unlocked handset or for those who cannot upgrade. Apple do not like people undercutting with the iPhone and to get around this stores such as Best Buy and Walmart offer the device with a disclaimer to the words of it only being available in limited supplies. The partners of Apple have to agree to a minimum advertised price clause.

It is said that on average the bulk cost of owning an iPhone 5 is the service contract. This typically starts at $2,118 for individual subscribers. If you do want a bargain iPhone then you could consider the iPhone 4S, which has been discounted and now can be picked up for $99.

It is thought that Apple may offer discounts on their iPads, iPods and MacBooks again, but don’t expect the iPad Mini or iPhone 5 to be among them. As for the Android stable, there is word that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will partake in the upcoming Black Friday sales.

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