iPhone 5: What A Big Screen Will Mean For Your Favorite Apps

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When the iPhone 5 is released it is thought to bring about a ton of new features and design changes. The handset will be taller and it should have a 4 inch display but the width will remain the same as previous models.

Apple has reportedly designed the iPhone 5 so that developers could adapt the apps of present to fit the taller screen without too much trouble and it should mean that features and apps will come with better usability thanks to the larger display on the handset. Here are 5 apps and features that should be an improvement on the bigger screen iPhone.

Some apps that will benefit from a big screen iPhone 5

Angry birds is a very popular app and the larger display along with the faster quad core A6 processor and 2GB of RAM will mean that the game will be even better. Angry birds on the iPad is superb thanks to the real estate of the device as you can pull your slingshot well back. When playing on the current iPhones your finger can go off the edge of the screen and this will not happen as much with the larger screen of the iPhone 5.

FaceTime is a feature that will be better on the new iPhone 5. With the larger screen there will be more space and this means that everyone won’t look as though they are squashed into a very small box.

Garage Band on the new iPhone 5 should be an improvement as at the moment unless you have very small fingers it is impossible to utilize it to its full extent.

Messages will be an improvement thanks to iMessages with lesser scrolling.

In addition to this, apps like YouTube which let you view media would have the biggest benefits from a large screen iPhone 5.

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