iPhone 5: Be Very Careful When Picking A Case

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Things started off with a simple Tweet and this grew into a punchline nationally that highlighted the changes of privacy in social media.

iPhone 5 case controversy

One young Twitter with the tag of @itslilisolis, posted a picture of herself with a newly purchased case for her iPhone 5, which had a very controversial design on it. In the Tweet she said that: I really hope this is the UK flag or otherwise it was a waste of $25.

The iPhone 5 case of course is not the UK flag, known as the Union Jack. It is a design that has been taken for the Confederate Navy Jack, which was on Confederate ships in the US Civil War from 1863 onwards (see photo below).

It took just a few days for the teenager to realise just how public social media websites can be. The mistake she made was re-Tweeted hundreds of times, 678 at the moment. She also learned that people using social media sites can be very mean. One response she got was, “do us all a favour and don’t have kids, there are enough morons in the world.”

The popularity of the Tweet could have stemmed from the connotations of the flag in the US, as it is associated with the Jim Crow segregation laws in the South.

However you do have to be fair to the Tweeter as the case does have some stylistic elements of the UK, which has the blue St Andrews Cross of Scotland.

The Tweeter also may not fully at fault as a study carried out in 2010 showed that students in America were deficient in the history of their nation. Only 9% of fourth graders were able to identify a photo of Abraham Lincoln and know why he was important.

Given that there are so many accessory choices for the iPhone 5, it comes as no surprise that such a design is readily available as well.

iPhone 5 case

iPhone 5 case

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