iPhone 5 Gets 40% More Battery Power But Slim Build, Here’s How [REPORT]

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If Apple were to use a thinner screen on their upcoming iPhone 5 then the battery may have as much as 40% more capacity that the one in the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 may get 40% more power from battery with in-cell technology (report)

The iPhone 5 has been rumored to have many improvements, including a quad core processor that will be faster than those used in current iPhones and a change in screen size from 3.5 inches to 4 inches. This would need more power of course said research director Shawn Lee, quotes IDG.

Rather than make the device thicker for a larger battery Apple have chosen to use in-cell technology for their display claims the source. This allows for an integration of the LCD and the sensors instead of having a touch layer which lies under the glass. It saves Apple around half a millimeter.

The thinner display means that Apple can then use a higher capacity battery in their new iPhone 5 and gain around 40% power. The Wall Street Journal said that LG Display and Sharp are the ones behind the new screen for the iPhone 5. And true enough, LG revealed its Optimus G yesterday with in-cell display technology.

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