Did Apple Just Stick iPhone 5 With A Measely 1,440mAh Battery?

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There have been many leaks of what the iPhone 5 is said to look like and the latest leaked photo reveals what the inside of the phone may look like.

iPhone 5 battery pictures surface (rumor)

There have been photos posted that show the alleged battery of the iPhone 5 and it seems that Apple have made it larger. If the leaks are true then the battery will be 1,440mAh which has been increased from the 1,430mAh which is inside the iPhone 4S. it also seems that the voltage has been upped from 3.7 to 3.8 volts.

It could be that Apple needed a larger battery if it is to power a larger screen. Rumor has it that the screen will be 4 inches and there have been leaked photos which show the device to be taller than the current models. The screen should be 16:9 which means no more black bars when watching a movie as the video will make the most of the extra real estate. Of course if this is true then more power will be needed for the handset. The same can be said if the device is also LTE compatible. As we’ve seen with other LTE devices, they tend to require more juice.

Rumor has it that Apple has made other components smaller so as to secure space for a larger battery. The handset should have a smaller SIM and there have been rumors about a smaller dock connector being used. If this is true then current accessories would be rendered useless unless Apple designs an adapter.

Leaks have also shown the home button and sensor along with a component that looks to be a chap doing a happy dance. On a side note, 1,440mAh battery is nowhere near the likes of other LTE capable devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is above 2,000mAh. Here’s hoping the iPhone 5 is more efficient hence the lower capacity battery.

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