iPhone 5 Will Get By With A Tiny Battery, Here’s How (Prediction)

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Apple fans are probably going bonkers – the iPhone 5 is set to revolutionize the brand and Apple’s stock is already going through the roof. There’s less than a month to go until the rumored unveiling, but we’re already getting important details about looks and operation.

iPhone 5 battery capacity criticized

The biggest speculations are features like LTE and NFC, a bigger but thinner screen, and a new chip. Apple will reveal the iPhone 5 and accept pre-orders on September 12 for a September 21 release. iMore has said that Apple will start on the international rollout in early October.

PC Mag reports that the iPhone 5 will have a 4” screen – all iPhones have had a 3.5” screen so far, but they have to catch up with the Androids, after all. 4G LTE will almost certainly feature, as the new iPad already has it. One possible downside is weak battery life. The battery will be bigger, but it’ll have to power that big screen and 4G LTE capacity. Will it be up to the job? Rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 battery will only get bumped up by 10mAh over its predecessor, bringing it in at 1440mAh. This of course is a far cry from the 2,100mAh battery on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Why Apple would choose such a small battery may have to do with design. However they may be able to get by despite the additional drain of LTE connectivity. Here’s how:

Apple’s next-generation iPhone will likely utilize the new Broadcom BCM4334 chip that will enhance the battery life of the device. According to a recent report from AnandTech, the BCM4334 is the follow-up component to the BCM4330 that is used currently in the iPhone 4S. The new chip is built on a more efficient 40nm process over its predecessor’s 65nm. In more simple terms, the lowering of the nm causes power profile reduction, meaning better battery life.

Broadcom claims to have worked on and refined the existing BCM4330 design and reduced power a further 40-50 percent and dramatically reduced standby power by 3 orders of magnitude. Impressive? Yet it is. With this in place, the iPhone 5 may not need a 200mAh+ battery despite the additional features and largest display of the phone.

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