iPhone 5: Forget All The ‘Magical’ Features, Fans Just Want 2 Things

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The iPhone 5 is rumored to be a major upgrade from the 4S and with it brings along some top-notch features like 4G LTE and NFC. However while the iPhone 5 may have a ton of new “magic”, USA Today reports that what the general consumer really wants is quite simple – longer battery life and a bigger display.

iPhone 5 most requested upgrades include bigger display & better battery life

The iPhone line has sold more than 243 million units since its 2007 launch, making it the most popular device around, according to Envisioneering Group tech analyst Richard Doherty. This is contrasted to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s Wednesday statement that 480 million Android phones have been snaffled. However, there are lots of different Android phones, whereas there is only a few iPhones. The most popular Android line, the Galaxy range, has sold around 15 million, says Doherty.

The iPhone gets more successful with each new launch. The iPhone 4S, despite its muted reception, has outstripped the original, the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 put together, says Gene Minster, Piper Jaffray analyst.

Gene thinks that the iPhone 5 will sell more than 200 million by the end of 2013. Gazelle, which sells used tech gadgets online, asked its customers about the new iPhone 5. Around 60% were hankering after just a bigger screen, and 83% of the 2,600 respondents said they were going to upgrade.

The iPhone’s look has stayed the same since 2010, but swanky new models from LG and Samsung may have prompted Cupertino into a revamp for the iPhone 5, although it’s staying quiet on this front.

Doherty and Munster agree on the iPhone 5 having a better battery – the 4S is infamous for needing charging at least daily.

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