iPhone: 5 Battery Saving Tips

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Whenever a new operating system is released and people upgrade, it’s not long before one of the problems they complain about is lack of battery life. We can’t figure out why this is such a common problem be it Android or iOS.

iPhone: 5 battery saving tips

When Apple released iOS 6, iPhone users started complaining that they weren’t getting the same battery life as they were before they upgraded. So if you have made the jump to iOS 6, here are some top tips to get more out of the battery of your iPhone 5 or any other iPhone running the latest OS.

Lowering the brightness of your display is one way that you can get more out of your battery. As Apple have made the iPhone 5 display even brighter than before, you can adjust the brightness level down and still see the display clearly. If you want to drop the brightness of the handset, go into settings, brightness, wallpaper. This is where you can also choose to have auto brightness turned on the handset. Cutting down on the brightness of the screen is essential if you want to get a full’s day out of your battery, as the screen is now larger than before. I found that turning off auto-brightness and lowering the level all the way to the bottom worked best. Although it became a little uncomfortable to see outdoors.

The iPhone 5 might be excellent at multi-tasking, however open apps can have their toll on your battery life, particularly if they rely on GPS. Paying attention to what apps are open in the background can save you battery if you shut them down. To do so just hold the home button on your device and when the multi-tasking bar pops up, hold down the app you want to close and it will jiggle, and then choose the close icon. Do the same for all apps you want to close and then press the home button again to close off.

If you want to get the most out of your battery you should ensure that all your apps are up to date. Bear in mind that older apps will not work as good as those that have been updated and will not be as efficient. With the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 now out, most developers have already started firing out updates to their apps.

If you turn on the auto lock function of the iPhone 5 you can save battery as the display on the handset will turn off at the set time. This is handy if you frequently forget to lock your handset.

Lastly, you can switch off radios that you are not using to save battery. Turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G will all help you to get the most out of your battery, just head into settings.

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