HTC & Samsung Double Team To Have iPhone 5 Banned In US

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Apple look set for court again but this time it is HTC that are arguing over patents with Apple. HTC are claiming that Apple have infringed on their patent which is associated with LTE tech. This patent, they say, was taken out when they released the HTC Thunderbolt.

iPhone 5 may have more than just fans waiting, HTC & Samsung ready LTE patent suits

HTC are saying that Apple has used the patent inside the new iPad they have launched and they will be using it when they release the new iPhone, said to be the iPhone 5. The International Trade Commission judge, Thomas Pender, said that it could mean an import ban on the new iPhone 5 here in the US unless Apple is able to invalidate the patents. He went on to say that this would not be easy.

Samsung also gave a statement last week saying that they would take Apple to court and sue them if they released an LTE iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is of course set to be announced tomorrow and the threat of a court case could sour the launch a little. If rumors serve true, the iPhone 5 will be LTE capable, have a 4-inch display, quad-core processor and feature an aluminum unibody with a two-tone finish.

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