iPhone 5: The Little Things That’ll Annoy You

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The iPhone 5 is a great handset and in the past two weeks I’ve really gotten the chance to test the phone out as my daily drive. While I mostly have praises to sing about the iPhone 5, it does lack in certain areas and here are four ways in which the iPhone 5 may disappoint.

iPhone 5: 4 little annoyances

The first of these is that Apple changed the materials on the back of the iPhone 5. Gone is the glass and in comes aluminum. While it looks high class, the problem is that it scratches very easily. Apple is limiting supplies of the iPhone 5 while they try to resolve this issue. However for fans that already have an iPhone 5 that has scratches on the back plate and sides, this will be of no help. I’ve since put a case on the iPhone 5 after scuffing it in my pocket alongside my keys.

At the moment there is also a gaping hole in the accessories market for the iPhone 5. There are just a few accessories for it on the Apple Store. Owners with older accessories have to pay out for an adapter if they want to use their current accessories. In my case, even if I got the adapter the iPhone 5 would not fit on my Sony dock due to the odd placement and shape. So don’t think that forking out the extra $29 for an adapter is a guarantee your older iPhone accessories will work like they did before.

When the original iPhone was launched it came with all you can eat data on AT&T and Verizon. With the iPhone 5 this is not the case and there are now limited data plans. If you go into the settings of the iPhone 5 you can see how data you are using. However it is very difficult to link the data to your usage for the month. Android handsets on the other hand have amazing data management as you can cap the data for a month and line it up with your actual carrier bills.

The Apple App Store has been redesigned; however this doesn’t mean that finding apps has become easier. The interface may look nice but searching for apps is a nightmare when you have to go through a large list of search results. It was a lot easier before the change as you could see a list that could be scanned through very easy. So despite the larger screen on the iPhone 5, you have less information to digest at a time now.

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