Why Are Apps On iPhone 5 Still So Ugly?

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Even though Apple released the iPhone 5 two months ago, a majority of big name apps have yet to be updated for the new aspect ratio of the device.

App developers still haven’t caught up to iPhone 5 size

So what could be holding developers up? At the moment whether you own the iPhone 5 for work or pleasure, you will find yourself using apps that have black bars top and bottom of the iPhone 5 display. This is not just the no name apps that we are talking about here, some of them are major companies, with popular apps, that have yet to be updated for the iPhone 5. Some apps have received updates for maintenance; however they haven’t had support for the display.

Google have updated Gmail and Chrome, however they have left out Voice, Translate and Latitude. Microsoft haven’t updated the Bing app. airline apps include American Airlines and jetBlue. There are also new apps from BBC News, ESPN, NPR News and ScoreCenter that haven’t been updated yet. Uber, eTrade, Taximagic, AIM and Skype, are all waiting to be updated.

Games of course don’t seem to be high on the list for the update and gamer such as Angrybirds, FruitNinja, Plans vs.Zombies and Kingdom Age, have all yet to get an update for the iPhone 5. But just what is taking developers so long?

Of course no one has to send out an update if they don’t want. However with so many big named companies not offering updates it does give the message that makers of apps are not as bothered about the iPhone as they once were.

It isn’t Apple that is holding them up as it appears that the waiting period for the app store is just a week.

Some people say that developers are worried that ratings and reviews they have now will disappear if they update their apps for the iPhone 5 on the Apple Store. The review system shows reviews just from the current version of an app as default. Therefore if they have great reviews for their older version, they could be reluctant to develop a new one.

Of course some of the delays could be down to laziness. They could be in no rush to get out the update; however this perhaps doesn’t explain why some of the larger names haven’t got updates out just yet.

It really doesn’t matter what the reason is for lack of updates, one thing is for sure is that the Apple store is looking on the stale side, it needs some love. Can you imagine how those people who rushed out to buy the new iPhone 5 feel when half of the apps they download are not made for their device.

Apple made no comment when asked about this. Of course you do have to be fair to developers and there are many who do keep apps updated in a timely manner. Facebook, Alien Blue, Kindle, Instapaper, Tripit, Pandora, Spotify and the Weather Channel are all apps that have been updated for the iPhone 5.

So come on app developers stop dragging your feet and update your apps, show the iPhone 5 some love and respect.

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