iPhone 5 Will Be First To Live Up To Apple Brand Name, It Will Actually Be… Edible [CHINA]

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Those who live in the Chinese province of Shenyang, Liaoning have been treated to a taste of the Apple iPhone 5. While it’s not the actual iPhone 5, it is in the form of an ice cream and it has become a best seller. 

iPhone 5 ice cream a big hit in China

Students have been buying the iPhone 5 ice creams for 1 yuan and although it’s been flying out of the ice boxes, the owner selling the lolly has said that it doesn’t taste of apple. The packaging shows the name iPhone 5 and an array of icons on a smartphone. So could the Chinese company be looking at a court case from infringement of the name?

Not according to a member of the Shenyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau who said that trademark registrations can be connected to numerous things and Apple have not registered the trademark in the food sector. Therefore the iPhone 5 name on the ice cream is not infringing on Apple’s trademark name. Another amusing factor is that shape of the ice cream is the same as the Apple logo, an apple with a bite taken out of the side.

iPhone 5 ice cream

iPhone 5 ice cream

Let’s hope that when Apple release the iPhone 5 tomorrow at their event it looks just as good and it sells as well. Just don’t try taking a bite of that Apple product.

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