Want An iPhone 5? Apple Store Will Take You To The Cleaners! (Siri)

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With the arrival of Siri everyone had fun asking it all kinds of unusual questions to see what response it would give. Now that iOS 6 has been introduced with many new features and innovations Siri has been given a make-over and is back in our lives once more.

Want an iPhone 5? Just don’t ask Siri for the closest Apple Store

Apple may have undertaken a great deal of tweaking with their latest iOS to make sure that Siri stands out. She does in a lot of ways, but perhaps not how Apple would like. It appears that Apple have not made sure that Siri knows about the infrastructure of Apple.

Screen shots have been posted online by TheConsumerist of someone asking Siri where they can buy the new Apple iPhone 5. While Siri seems to know that you need an Apple Store, it fails to distinguish between retailers. The screen shot shows Siri as saying that you could choose one of the Apple Stores below and then goes on to show a range of stores, including Apple Cleaners, Red Apple Family Restaurant and Apple cleaners again in a different location.

Siri finds Apple Store

Siri finds Apple Store

So it really does appear that if you want to purchase an Apple iPhone 5 you will really be taken to the cleaners! Just kidding folks.

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