iPhone 5: A Downhill Ride For Apple From Here On (ZDN)

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When the original iPhone was released onto the smartphone market it was the must have handset and Apple were the company who were pushing out innovative features with their device. However according to ZDNET,  things may have turned sour for Apple and the future may be looking rather bleak, as they seem to have lost their magic in 2012 starting with the latest iPhone 5.

iPhone 5: is Apple floundering?

Apple, under the guidance of Tim Cook, is no longer the polished company they once were points out the blog, gone are the days when they kept their cards close to their chest and did not have to apologize for anything. Apple has now started to release handsets that are not quite ready for the market; this has been seen with the iPhone 5. Nothing they do surprises us and now consumers are only satisfied, instead of being in awe.

With the sad and early demise of Steve Jobs, Apple has faltered off the path and seems to be lost right now. We knew the iPhone 5 was coming and we knew what it would look like and how it would look. We also know about the iPad Mini too. Some may wonder about this, as it is Cook that is the business graduate with a 25 year life plan and Jobs was seen as the hippie.  However it is now clear who the business brains behind Apple were suggests ZDNET.

At the moment Apple still have their heads above water thanks to the hard work that has been done over many decades. However they can only flounder around for so long before the sink.

To be dominant in the tech market is not an easy task.  The recent apology from Tim Cook was all well and good, however it was something that he should never have had to do in the first place and certainly did the iPhone 5 more harm than it did good.

Will they ever be in that position to bring back the magic? Or is the iconic iPhone brand now set for a downhill ride? Check out ZDNET’s full take here.

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