[ALERT] 48hrs Left To Buy iPhone 5 Mod Kit Before It’s Banned

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Lawyers for Apple have sent a cease and desist letter to a company that was selling kits to transform the iPhone 4 and 4S into the rumored iPhone 5 reports CNET.

iPhone 5 mod kit may not be available much longer

This means that if you wish to transform your old iPhone into what the new iPhone 5 is speculated to look like you have just two days to place your order. The China based site began selling the kits to transform older iPhones and Apple has found out and are now stopping them. The letter sent by Apple’s lawyers said that they were selling Apple merchandise that was counterfeit. said that they would stop selling the mod in the following 48 hours.

They went on to say that all orders would be shipped and if new customers wanted to place an order they have 48 hours in which to do so. There is now a countdown on their page to show customers how long they have until they are no longer taking orders.

At the moment Apple have not said anything to confirm or deny that they were behind the letter. It could be that the letter came from another company who believes they are infringing on their copyrights. On the photo of the mod kit it does state the word iPhone and it does have the logo of Apple on it.

They must have been expecting this though as the website did say that the case was based on rumors of the design of the new iPhone 5 and that it would be available only for a limited time. The mod company have promised to honor all orders of the case.


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