Your iPhone 5 Tracks You Like A Bloodhound, How To Stop it

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It looks like with the iPhone 5 Apple are tracking people once again. NBC News reports that Apple says this is to ensure that you see the ads that you want to see. If you don’t fancy the idea of them tracking you on your iPhone 5 then it’s not hard to limit it but you can’t completely shut them out.

iPhone 5: how to limit Apple from tracking you through your phone

The latest way in which Apple track people is with IDFA or “identifier for advertisers”. This was all but done away with when Apple stopped developers from making use of the mobile data through UDID, which is the permanent and non-deleteable serial number that Apple used for each device. However with the release of iOS 6 tracking is back on the iPhone 5 and other devices that have taken to the latest upgrade.

Apple does not try to hide the fact that they are tracking you as you can find it in Settings, General, About and Advertising. On this screen there is a toggle button which allows you to limit ad tracking. This is the button that you will want to switch to limit ad tracking.

Apple of course has received a lot of flack about their iOS 6 update which rolled out along with the iPhone 5. Complaints ranged from poor battery life, disappointing App Store interface and of course the lack of Google Maps. Well at least this is something you can correct for yourself.

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